Fencing installers do more than simply just dig holes, cut some boards, and wiggle a level around. They create a complete visual package that works with your architecture's aesthetic and your surrounding biomes. This takes not only a keen eye for visual detail, but also an expansive knowledge of the trade.


Straightline Fencing employs only the most well versed, well rounded, and expressive fencing installers. You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's redoing an existing fence, new fencing, or some complex idea others may think that are impossible. We can do it.


At Straightline Fencing, we treat what we do has a form of high art: it's beautiful, elegant, timeless, and expressive.

Looking for the look of wrought iron with out the big price tag. Maybe aluminum is something for you. But if not we do wrought iron too.

Custom white cedar made with time and care. Can also be made to your exact specifications.

We have a solution For all your fencing needs

Chain Link


Eastern White Cedar


LIfe is full of boundaries. Whats yours look like?
is your home at one with Its surroundings? let us help.

More Than just Fencing

Certainteed Bufftech Products. Many different designs and options  to make yours  one that will be unique.

From play areas to baseball fields. Residential to commercial. We can do it all.

If you want a quote from a fencing contractor, contact us.